Ideally made our cookies for exceptional taste and texture, harmoniously mixing dessert inspirations and act as a meeting point then combined as one, excellent of its flavours creation. We pull has three distinct that created at once soft, chewy and juicy. It’s much more gratifying. The experience is extremely emotional. This is done the way we making cookies. Sugar is not putting much their. Definitely, the  cookies mixture are slightly sweetened. As much as taste, ingredients at their heart our dedicated team sources the globe for the best ingredients. In the process that holds up the cookies so special.


Greentea matcha

100% natural match green tea combines white chocolate chip, delicious.

Banoffee choc

Banana, caramel and chocolate in soft and chewy cookies.

Cranberry orange

Each bite of this cookies perfectly balanced with cranberries and oranges.

Dark chocolate

A chewy cookies makes for rich with premium chocolate and cacao.

Twin choc chip

Twist on a classic is loaded with dark and white chip of rich chocolate.

Caramel burlee

Our delicious is made with caramelized to create a golden, rich and caramelly.

Apple cocktail

Apple, cranberries and raisins combine fruitfully with a touch of cocktail.

Vanilla bean

Our classic soft, chewy cookies is made with real vanilla beans.

Pistachio praline

Flavorful soft cookies with pistachio and white chocolate chip.

Raspberry pink

Juicy raspberries, chocolate strawberries sweet and sour mix that.

Hazelnut praline

Gets a tasty update with hazelnut, caramel and dark chocolate chip inside.

Chocolate praline

A chewy cookies, rich with a dark chocolate and nutty caramel.

Small box

Contains 8 Cookies

Box dimension L 21 x W 16 x H 8 cm.

Medium box

Contains 12 Cookies

Box dimension L 24 x W 20 x H 9 cm.

Premium box

Contains 24 Cookies

Box dimension L 29 x W 24 x H 10 cm.